Amor em Patas Institute

Amor em Patas Institute is a non-profit non-governmental organization with administrative headquarters in São Paulo/SP, founded as a project in 2013 with the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of preserving animal life.

Amor em Patas Institute Work
Amor em Patas Institute is responsible for 4 permanent shelters and several temporary loyal homes. The organization rescues, rehabilitates and finds families for hundreds of furry each month. In addition, they work with castrations, immunization campaigns, continuing education in children’s schools and everything else that promotes animal welfare and protection.

​The impact of your donation
Your donation to Amor em Patas along with Ribon will provide complete food for animals that are victims of abuse and neglect.

More information about Amor em Patas
To learn more about Amor em Patas’ projects and follow the news and photos of the activities, visit the website and follow the project on social networks!

Amor em Patas Website



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