Ecotece is an Institute of the Third Sector, which has been active since 2005 in promoting a culture of sustainability in fashion, and conscious dress. The institute’s mission is to change the logic of production and consumption, so that fashion can become more ethical, clean and inclusive.

Ecotece work
Ecotece works to shed light on these social, environmental and cultural problems, and to undertake creative and collaborative solutions in the search for new paths towards a more sustainable fashion chain. Due to its communicative character, involving and of economic and social importance, fashion can be a vehicle for significant changes in the forms of production and in society’s consumption habits.

They believe in the humanization of production processes, promoting greater satisfaction and engagement among those involved in the entire chain: from suppliers, designers and brand managers, to final consumers.

The impact of your donation
Your donation to Ecotece guarantees that 1 hour-class training is carried out to include and strengthen vulnerable entrepreneurs through the ethical and sustainable fashion chain, encouraging the generation of income for these people.

More information about Ecotece
To learn more about Ecotece’s projects and follow the news and photos of the activities, visit the website and follow the project on social networks!

Ecotece Website



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