Dara Institute

The former Saúde Criança is now called Dara Institute. They work to promote health and human development through the implementation and dissemination of an integrated approach to fighting poverty. To achieve its mission, it works directly with vulnerable families.

The social impact of your donations
Dara Institute works with direct assistance to vulnerable people through 8 programs related to Health, Citizenship, Employability, Housing, Education, Family, Mothers and Early Childhood and Youth.

Solutions and technology
The Family Action Plan consists of the participatory creation of goals and actions in the areas of health, education, citizenship, housing and income so that each family is the protagonist of its own development, has access to its rights, and improve your quality of life and health conditions.

More information about Dara Institute
The organization is a pioneer in the world in intersectoral work with social determinants of health and encourages people to take the lead in efforts to create a more equitable and sustainable society.

Dara Institute Website



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